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Demo Reel
Short Movies: Dark Harvest | Dead Earth | The Prey | Quarantine Zone | Repossession | Resurrection
Sizzle Reels: King of Pittsburg | Lingerie Football League | Leap of Faith | Mission Control Media | Make Up Angels | Push
Attack of the Show: Freebeats | Open 1 | Open 2 | Open 3 | Open 4 | Open 5 | Quickhits | Sneakerheads
Delta: California Shuttle Commercial
Face Off: Finale Performance Sample | Lab Day Sample | Challenge Intro Sample
Ghostly Lovers: Behind the Scenes
Naked & Afraid: Promo
One Man Army: Season Open
Smash Cuts: Sample Open
Wipeout: Sample Open
Year of the Quarterback: Introduction

If you are in one of these videos and don't approve of it being online | Email Me |
You can view some of my older, personal videos | here |

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