Over the years I have written many opinion pieces and research papers on various topics.

I feel that my writing is a good reflection on how well I can communicate and evaluate different information from various topics, and for this reason I have chosen to host a few of my papers that apply to the multimedia field for anyone to read. Please appreciate the fact that these are purely educational pieces and are not endorsed by anyone implicated within them, and if you feel I have given any particular entity an unjust evaluation, I would be happy to reconsider publishing the paper that names it.


Does Today’s Media Ruin Family Life? (evaluation on current media's influence over families)
Braveheart Analysis (breakdown evaluation of 1995 film Braveheart)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: You Are Not Your Memory (research/evaluation of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind's philosophical implications)
Fight Club: Philosophy In Action (research/evaluation of Fight Club's philosophical implications)
Film Studio & Talent Agency Research Paper (research paper on current film studios & talent agencies)
Jack and Jill: Independent Dependence (Hodge Analysis of the play, Jack and Jill, by Jane Martin)
KFI-AM 640: Stimulating Southern California (research paper on the success of KFI-AM 640)
Loveline Sales Presentation to A Touch of Romance (a fictional PowerPoint radio sales presentation)
Microsoft’s 360 Degrees of Programming (research paper on programming for Microsoft's Xbox 360)
Oprah as Philosopher (evaluation of Oprah's philosophies)
Script Coverage: The Creepy Kid (coverage on Magnet Picture's script of The Creepy Kid)
Striving for Freedom from the Dependency on Men (evaluation on the overwhelming male influence on today's media)
The Program Director: KFI-AM 640’s Reason for Success (research paper on Program Directors of KFI-AM 640)
Wit: Salvation Anxiety (evaluation of the play Wit, by Margaret Edson)





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